A brave space for us to converse, share, & help each other heal.


I'm J. Chavae

Thank you for trusting me along this journey. I feel so honored!

I created Trauma with Your Mama course when I realized how many other women had relationships with their mothers that were unhealthy. I really wanted to help others navigate their journey to heal their mama trauma or at least find peace, with the current status of their relationship because healing this relationship can have tremendously positive effects on our lives. It frees us up for so much more.

This  is a brave, intentional, & sacred space that we can be free to express our true feelings about our journey, heal, and form a solid community simultaneously, knowing that we are not alone.

Rules of This Community


Please remember that like anything I create, this space is SACRED.


Bullying, slander, hate, or any form of ABUSE WILL NOT be tolerated and you will be removed from this community with or without warning.


Please be honest with yourself and others while sharing + communicating.

To ensure privacy & sacredness, a password is required to access the forum.  If you have purchased the Trauma with Your Mama course (+ comeUNION) you will automatically receive the password code. This space is only for the womxn who have completed the course and have opted to also join comeUNION. 

What People Say

People never talk about the issues with their mother, its always "daddy issues"...so I love that you're opening up this topic!

Z.N. | USA

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