Trauma With Your Mama | Stories | 005

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

As child from the Caribbean; I learn to “hold emotions in”. I suffered verbal abuse from my mother.

Her father (which is my grandfather molested me) I told her and it was swiped under the carpet.

Her sister (my aunt) one day I was in the Caribbean and she decided to drop me in ocean to “kill me”.

 Never knew why! I suffered in silence for years!!!!

Thousands of dollars in therapy to get me where I am today! I learn to share my feelings to my mother when she is wrong or right. It has been working! Because we are away from each other.

 Everyday I would wish my mom knew how to communicate but she lack empathy. Lack in love and showing emotion. Til this day I beg for the love of my mother. There is no “I love you in my family”!

I am better for me!

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