share your story

we all have stories and we all have mamas.

i want to hear your stories about your mama and i would love to share them here (on the blog) and on @traumawithyourmama_ on instagram. why? because sharing our stories is healing + spirit has instructed me to create a container for those who wish to get their stories OUT. 

if you resonate with 'trauma with your mama' work, you know the many ways the trauma may show up: abandonment, ignorance, invalidation, physical abuse, over-protection, codependency, etc. and you know how they show up emotionally, psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

i hope that as you write your story, it creates more room for you to breathe and grow.

**this will not be a space to hate and bash mamas, but more so a space to put our stories.

when submitting your story please remember:

- anyone who has a mama can share AND the voices of BIWOC will be centered and amplified.

- please specify your ethnicity (for me to  attach photos that properly represent you)

- there are no limits and no filters. you can speak freely. share as much or as little as you would like.

- as you share your pain and sorrows, please do not forget to share your lessons and your healing process (wherever you may be on your journey)

- i will not edit your stories (except for grammatical errors).

- only your initials will be shared. 

Image by My Life Journal